DataGrand Intelligent RPA
DataGrand Robotic Process Automation software makes day-to-day business easier, faster, and more reliable. DataGrand Intelligent RPA is capable of handling more complicated processes other than the mundane and data-based work, through deeply integrated Artificial Intelligence(AI) capabilities.
AI Components
Provide a suite of intelli-gent automation features with the most powerful AI technology.
Build automations with a straightforward drag-and-drop user interface in minutes.
Deploy and monitor de-signed RPA tasks, and display statistical analysis on the Dashboard.
Run automations through intelligent software robots.
DataGrand NLP
Provides Natural Language Processing(NLP) based on our multibillion-word annotating corpus.
DataGrand brings Text Processing into the modern era of intelligent and intuitive enterprise software, with automatic document extraction, review, content comparison, and form parsing services. Secure your contract, financial documents, and other business-critical documents from potential risks, automate the business and boost efficiency.
DataGrand OCR
DataGrand OCR is one of the world’s leading Intelligent OCR platforms.
Allow users to extract textual content from an image or scanning copy using technologies based on artificial intelligence. Respond in milliseconds with high accuracy.Support multi-scene, multi-language text detection and recognition such as: ID Card, Bank Card, Bills and Invoices, contracts, forms, bank statements, financial reports, customs documents, shipping note, etc.
RPA Solutions by Industries
Featured DataGrand intelligent RPA, tailored for intelligent upgrading and digital transformation needs across all industries.
Corporate banking
Retail banking
Global Banking
Loans & Credit Cards
Operations Support
Risk & Compliance
DataGrand ingeniously creates a series of banking robots to help commercial banks to upgrade their “digital intelligence” strategy, improve risk management, operation efficiency, and optimize the user experience.
Investment Banking
Asset Management
Retail Brokerage
Stock Investment
Margin Trading
DataGrand helps financial institutions identify various long-form financial reports such as bond prospectuses,review mistakes and risks in the disclosure documents,reduce regulatory risk and fines.
Accounting & Taxation
Fund Management
File Management
General Ledger
Accounting & Taxation
DataGrand provides enterprises of all industries with full division accounting and taxation solutions, automatically handling these highly repetitive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive workflows with literally 100% accuracy.
Customer Service
Opportunity Conversion
Compliance Check
Operational Efficiency
Decision Support
DataGrand helps telecom operators to improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing effectiveness and accumulate data assets. Promote the transformation strategy of “Virtual Employees”.
Manufacturing and other
Structured Data Extraction
from Documents
OCR for Bills & Invoices
System Automation
Service Ticket Classification
Manufacturing and other
DataGrand brings together Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Robotic Process Automation(RPA) technologies to enable manufacturing enterprises with smarter automation. Speed up paperwork, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency.
The World's Leading Brands Choose DataGrand
DataGrand has established co-operation with hundreds of renowned enterprises in finance, manufacturing, science, technology, etc.
Awards from Global Algorithm Competitions
ACM CIKM International Algorithm Competition
First Prize
EMI International Hackathon Competition
First Prize
ACM KDD-Cup Data Mining Competition
Second Prize

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